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 2019 and 2020 COACH AND CAR OUTINGS + Reports

NT Centre Holiday to Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight, now cancelled

I have received this from Adris on 18 March:

"Norman Allen are in the process of cancelling the Centre Holiday to Portsmouth & Isle of Wight as all the properties we would visit are now closed. Everyone who has booked will be contacted by Norman Allen or David & Adris in due course."

Sad, but inevitable.



Report on the tour of Gloucester Cathedral and St Mary de Lode on Thursday 12 March

The group met in the porch of the Cathedral in the morning and were conducted around by Val O'Connor, a qualified cathedral guide and member of our centre's main committee.

It was an extensive tour covering all aspects of the Cathedral and the Cloisters and giving a very good insight into the periods of architecture incorporated into its development. Val also referred to the important characters involved in and around it, particularity those recorded on its walls, in its stained glass and honoured by monuments and plaques.

After a break for lunch the group walked from the Cathedral to the nearby St Mary de Lode and were given a talk by Richard Lane about the building itself, its former burial ground and its original extensive parish (when the cathedral was a monastery). Richard even raised a cover within the church to reveal Roman remains which predate the building.

The group were pleased that refreshments had been laid on there (as it was not in the itinerary) and their generous voluntary donations amounted to £36. This was greatly appreciated by Richard and Rose Lane, and reflected the interest in the guided tour that had been offered at this historic religious building.

Bill Cronin

Gloucester Cathedral cloisters

Photo by Maureen Mace


Please note that there is an update of the Health and Safety guidance on holidays and outings further down this page.  Please take time to read this.


NBPlease see the Volunteer vacancies page for a request for members to help with outings and holidays

Outings are arranged for the benefit and enjoyment of Centre Members and their guests only.


                                                          Centre Coach Outings

              The following report is by David Cooke, our Coach Outings Organiser

After three years of organising Coach Outings for the Centre, I find that I am running short of National Trust venues to visit within a reasonable day‘s journey. I have therefore started to consider visits to privately owned properties of which there are a great number from which to choose. The downside is that, as we do not have free entry to privately owned properties, as we do for the National Trust ones. The charges for visits to private properties will be higher than perhaps to which we have become accustomed. Increased charges for the coach will also affect the overall charge for Outings. Against this background, I have nevertheless tried to keep charges as low as possible. I have also introduced some initiatives such as a visit to an interesting town followed by a visit to a nearby property and on one occasion in the Summer including a lunch at a nearby hotel before visiting a National Trust which, unusually, does not offer refreshments for visitors. The day visit to Wells in October was very well received and I have consequently planned to end the 2018 season with a trip to Winchester which, arguably, has even more attractions than Wells!
I and I know our Committee, much value the support Members give to Outings and I very much hope that you will continue to give us your usual support in 2020. 


Please Note - The following comments apply to future Centre Holidays and Outings




PLEASE NOTE that the insurance carried by The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Centre through the
National Trust does not provide Personal Accident cover for members aged 90 years and above. The Centre is not allowed by Government Statute to offer any advice about insurance but, of course, members in that category may wish to make their own arrangements.

Subject to the age limit, friends accompanying members to events who are not members of the Centre but are members of the National Trust are covered by the insurance.


Members of The Cheltenham and Gloucestershire Centre are informed that, for the purposes of record only, some details relating to their membership are stored electronically. Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, it is necessary for all members to be advised of that fact. If you have any queries about what is stored please contact the hon. secretary and not the membership secretary. Please note the membership secretary does not store her records electronically but uses a card system which is outside the ambit of this legislation.



If you wish to book for any of these outings, complete the appropriate Booking Form, in the Newsletter,
remembering that the instructions for booking may well be different to those in previous years.

Please send to the Booking Address on the form and write a separate cheque for each booking. The Mobile Telephone number for the leader of each outing will be provided for use on the day of the outing only. Please remember to bring your NT Membership Card for free entry to NT Properties. Failure to do so may result in having to pay the full entrance fee.


Coaches will be provided by Rover of Nailsworth, near Stroud, which is a well - established family coach company specialising in holidays in the UK and abroad and seasonal day trips. If you are interested in learning more about the public services offered by Rover, their Brochure can be obtained by contacting their  office on 01453-832121 and at www.rovereuropean.co.uk.    

Pick up points for all outings will be as follows:
                             Nailsworth    -    the Nailsworth Bus Station;
                             Stroud          -    the Bus Station Merrywalks; 
                             Gloucester   -    Westgate Street, Opp. Folk Museum
                             Cheltenham -    Royal Well Bus Station.

All participating in these outings must be paid-up members of the Centre and participate at their own risk. They are assumed to be in good health sufficient to be able to walk and climb steps and stairs as required. The NT ensures all members under the age of 90 against Public Liability risks and against  Accidental Injury, but members aged 90 and over are advised to have their own appropriate insurance.




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