The Centre’s Complaints Protocol 

The Complaints Protocol was approved by the Main Committee in January 2106. Please remember that all Officers and Committee members are volunteers and not paid to carry out these tasks. Volunteers are a scarce commodity! The following is the core of the report approved by the committee.  

Membership Complaints - Committee Members receiving complaints about this issue should either contact the Membership Secretary themselves or advise the complainant to do so.  The Membership Secretary’s contact details are in the newsletter and on the website. Contact by 'phone is the best method. The Membership Secretary, currently Doreen Cook, has a paper-based system so it can take longer than simply looking up a computer record to seek to resolve matters. This should be explained to any concerned members seeking clarification. Often membership issues are raised when a newsletter fails to arrive. 

The Membership Secretary and Officer responsible for the circulation of the newsletter, currently Joan Wendon, work closely together with the Treasurer if there is a particularly complicated issue. This takes time so committee members should warn any complainant.    

Newsletter Complaints  The distribution of the newsletter is currently being dealt with by Joan Wendon. It could be a number of issues. Normally it is linked either to problems with delivery or that the membership is not recorded as being paid. Joan will normally resolve this matter herself. Again Joan’s contact details are in the newsletter and on the website. If the lack of a newsletter relates to a membership issue then the Membership Secretary and possibly the Treasurer may be involved.                                                                 

Other issues  In the unlikely event that there are complaints about other issues these should be directed by the committee member who has received it directly to the Chairman or committee contact of the sub-committee responsible for that particular item. If a committee member is not aware of the appropriate sub-committee or contact, they can get details from the Secretary.                                                         

 Unresolved issues   Only in the event that matters cannot be resolved by officers, or a sub-committee chairman or representative then the committee member who received the complaints should contact the Secretary and it will be for him in discussion with the Chairman to seek a resolution and if necessary report the issue to the main committee.         



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