Another three months have passed since the last Newsletter and we are still progressing with the summer activities as I write this report in mid-July. By the time you read this we shall be coming to the end of the Coach Outings but still continuing the walk’s programme. 

Some of you will be looking forward to the joint study day together with the start of the lecture series which takes us through to Christmas and beyond. Thanks to all the members who make all this possible. Lots have been going on behind the scenes with Peter Walker reporting to committee members that Paula Ware has offering to take on the preparation of the Newsletter from Frank Aspland when he gives up the post at the A.G.M. We will be very sorry when Frank gives up having undertaken this sterling work over many years.

We welcome Paula to this role, (assuming it is confirmed at the AGM). This work will be in addition to the role she is currently doing as the Membership Secretary. 

Peter Walker, our Newsletter Editor, has a new task, together with other officers and committee members, to find yet another volunteer. David Ford, who manages the Centre’s website has also decided to retire as from the next AGM.

Our website is important for publicity as well as communication with existing members. Increasingly potential members will try the web first in their search for supporters groups in their area and contact us through our website. It is vital that we attract new members. If you are interested in helping with this important role please do contact Peter. 

The May newsletter circulation was not as good as usual, partly because of the changes resulting from the methods of distribution and an effort to drive down costs of production and postage. Hopefully, these teething problems are sorted now but let us know if you have problems. It would also help us if you move house or change your email address, as soon as possible. Remember you can always have your newsletter electronically

Despite all that is going on behind the scenes, we hope you will enjoy the activities provided in the next three months and that we all meet up for the Christmas meal which is always an enjoyable event and is very well attended. 


 The AGM of the Centre took place at Sacred Hearts Church Hall, Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham on Saturday 25th March 2017 at 2.30pm. During the AGM the President of the Centre, Michael Forster-Smith, acknowledged the help and support of four retiring volunteers who have given long service to the organisation.

Andrew Ellis, the Treasurer, has been a member of the Centre since 1966 and has just completed his second term as Treasurer. His meticulous attention to detail and presentation of annual financial reports has been very helpful to the Centre. This is in spite of him having to deal with quite long periods of ill health in recent years.

Doreen Cook, the former Membership Secretary, volunteered at this post for 26 years. She must have been responsible for signing up hundreds of members and kept meticulous records of all of them. She is also a former committee member over several years.

Joan Wendon, the organiser of newsletter distribution, took over this post in 1991. At one stage all of the newsletters were delivered by hand to over a thousand members and Joan managed this major exercise. Again, Joan is a former committee member.

June Stroud, a member of the Lectures Sub-Committee was unable to attend the meeting. She has been a member since the mid-1990s and for a period was the Secretary to the Lectures Sub-Committee and has carried out a number of other roles for the Centre. Her most recent roles were welcoming members to the lectures and helping with the Newsletter preparation.


            Retirees at the 2017 AGM, L-R  Andrew Ellis, Doreen Cook & Joan Wendon, pictured with our                           President  Michael Forster-Smith.    




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