A voluntary association of National Trust Members

   founded in1964 to promote the work of the National Trust.

                  President:  Michael Forster-Smith


                   CHRISTMAS LUNCH 

          MONDAY 27th  NOVEMBER 2017

        Details are on the Walks & Social Events PAGE



Our Centre has been fortunate lately in finding people to fill the positions of Treasurer (by invitation)  and Membership Secretary (by a volunteer coming forward). This was not an easy task but their roles were, and are, essential to the survival of the Centre.  We now need someone to join the Newsletter team to replace Frank Aspland who has done the job of compilation for many years and has indicated he wishes to retire from the role.  As you may know, the Newsletter is quarterly and Frank is happy to explain how he produces the Newsletter to anyone who is interested. 

Even though we have a website and an electronic copy of the Newsletter that is emailed out, the printed newsletter is very important.  It remains the key method of communicating directly with most of our members. The Newsletter can be compiled on a computer at home providing you have internet access and an email address.  

The Newsletter is made up of contributions from many Centre members in the form of reports sent in by email. Frank compiles them into a single large file which is edited and submitted to the printer for duplication directly by email or directly by one of the other members of the newsletter team. 
If you would like to be involved, or know of anyone - say a friend or relative - who would like to be involved, please get in touch via any Committee Member or to me directly on 01242-515527 for further information and an introduction to Frank.                                                                                                             Peter Walker 


                              CENTRE MEMBERSHIP  

 A Membership Secretary has been appointed -    

   Mrs. Paula Ware, 18 Great Norwood St,

Cheltenham  GL50 2AP Tel: 01242 519444  

Email -

Single Membership of our Centre is £6 pa. and  £8.50 pa. for families. Membership forms can be downloaded and printed from the ' Contact us ' Page


                       Digital or printed?

If you would like to receive your newsletter digitally please send your name, email address and Centre membership number to
Having a digital copy is much more cost effective for the centre as it saves us printing and postage costs (if it is not hand delivered in some areas and unfortunately a lot have to be posted instead). It could also be argued that digital delivery is more environmentally friendly. 
If you opt for information by email you will also receive some updates between the newsletter dates, although you can always check these out on the website. (I would recommend looking at our website as it is always up-to-date with the very latest information).
Thanks to the considerable number of members who have already opted for digital delivery, we are likely to save the centre well over a hundred pounds over the year in overheads, which can be used to the benefit of National Trust projects.                           Bill Cronin, Chairman

Do you have access to a franking machine?
We are reviewing the way we deliver our newsletters and this May edition has been sent out in the normal post.  There are various reasons for this change which we will keep under review.
Do you run, or work for, a business or organisation that would be prepared to make the franking machine available to us four times a year for about 300? newsletters on a commercial basis? It would start with our next newsletter in three months time. 
We are not looking for a sponsor to bear the postage costs (although any such offer would be gratefully received!), but simply to provide the facilities as the rates are normally less than regular postage.
Can you help at all?  Or suggest anyone who might be able to?

Please contact - Julph Miers on

01242 239242 or email -


Details of all the Centre's activities are on this website.  No need to wait for the next quarterly Newsletter – the latest Centre information is on our web-pages immediately it is available. Booking Forms for Outings & Lunches etc. will be available in our Newsletter as usual. 


                 Our annual programme includes:-

Full and Half day Coach trips to National Trust and other properties

Afternoon and Evening Lectures take place between October and March

A Centre Holiday

Quarterly Newsletter

Monthly Walks

Christmas Lunch  

Membership of our Centre helps you to make the
most of your National 
Trust Membership, giving
you the opportunity to make new friends  

You are assured of a warm welcome

Annual Membership - Family £8.50,  
                                   Individual £6.00. 

Subscriptions are renewable annually on 1st. January.

Some of the many benefits of National Trust Membership:-

  • Free entry and parking at more than 300 NT historic houses and gardens;
  • Free parking at many NT countryside and coastline locations;
  • Members' Handbook - the complete guide to all the places you can visit;
  • Regional newsletters with details of special events in your area;
  • Three magazine editions exclusively for Members - featuring news, views, gardening and letters;
  • Information on local supporter groups and how you can get involved;
  • Membership also entitles you to admission to properties cared for by the National Trust for Scotland.
  • Best of all, you will know that you are helping to protect the places you enjoy forever, for everyone.

For National Trust Membership - 0870 458 4000

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                Snowshill Manor (NT)
         The amazing collection of the
         treasure-seeker Charles Wade

                Sherborne Estate (NT)
          Part of the Estate which includes
          Lodge Park

Newark Park (NT), Ozleworth, South Gloucestershire, originally an Elizabethan hunting lodge built by Sir Nicholas Poyntz in c.1550, alterations were made in the 1790s attributed to James Wyatt



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